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DukeScript's motto: We are the Java in Javascript! Or: The JavaScript it was meant to be. Anyway DukeScript is a way to write your application in Java and display and deploy it anywhere. The sample MineSweeper application has been successfully deployed to AppStore, GooglePlay, NetBeans and any browser.


Getting Started

See what newcomers used to say about DukeScript before they could follow our excellent CRUD tutorial:

DukeScript is a set of APIs that allows Java applications easily talk to JavaScript environment to (usually) animate an HTML page. The core libraries are developed as part of the NetBeans Project (see Javadoc), but there are also additional libraries that play well in the overall DukeScript ecosystem (for example Toni is working on a canvas painting library).

Deployment Vision

The DukeScript vision is to write once, display anywhere and to deliver on this promise, there are various ways to package and deploy a DukeScript application.

There is the DlvkBrwsr for Android devices. There is iBrwsr for iOS. I wrote a Bck2Brwsr VM that allows to run Java in a plugin-less browsers. There is a way to package the application to run in NetBeans and Eclipse (like the MineSweeper example shows) and recently Alexey adopted his TeaVM to understand DukeScript as well.

DukeScript is the lingua franca when your Java needs to talk to JavaScript environment!

Everything can be controlled from a command line using Maven, but there is a NetBeans wizard that makes everything easier.

Getting Started with DukeScript

Client Java everywhere is now possible thanks to essential part of DukeScript - its capability to deploy to almost any device on the planet (that can render HTML). One can configure everything in an IDE independent way, but the best way to start is to get your instance of NetBeans 8.0 and follow few easy steps described in the official DukeScript getting started document.

Duke Choice Award

Toni Epple and me holding the Duke Choice Award on Sep 28, 2014:


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