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Apple's restricted (compared to OS X) operating system is called iOS. In July 2013 I've spend many hours with debugger trying to find out why I can intercept loading of pictures in WebUI on OS X, but can't in iOS. At the end I concluded that it is impossible: seems like iOS is just crippled too much! Anyway the story continued...

DukeScript for iOS

The power of DukeScript has been demonstrated by publishing the MineSweeper game on AppStore.

I know the next section will advocate using JavaFX, due to recent developments, I would advice everyone to give up on JavaFX and rather use DukeScriptInNetBeans. The resulting application is going to be smaller and even more portable.

JavaFX for iOS

The previous efforts were not completely wasted, at the end we managed to get JavaFX running on iOS and we are offering that as a NetBeans plugin. Here is a little how-to. After downloading and installing create a new project:


Then build it. It is a Maven project and as such it starts downloading things from the internet. Be patient. Possibly set your Maven proxies correctly. But once done you should have an ability to deploy to some iOS emulator (if you are running on Mac OS X):


Now an iOS deployment package is being prepared (which make take a bit of time as well), but after few minutes you should see a real JavaFX application in a selected emulator:


All of this is possible because of alternative Java VM called RoboVM. Enjoy Java on iOS and support emerging VMs like Bck2Brwsr that bring your favourite language to new devices and environments. Help Java prove its WORA story is still valid!

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