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IBrwsr is presenter for DukeScript that renders on iOS (thanks to the power of RoboVM). Write your applications in DukeScript and deploy them to Android (thanks to DlvkBrwsr) and to iOS (thanks to IBrwsr)!

MineSweeper on iOS

The demo MineSweeper application is now available on AppStore. Get it from there: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fair-minesweeper/id903688146


Try It!

You don't have to watch only. You can see MineSweeper on iOS with your own eyes. Possibly use the project skeleton as a base for your own, portable DukeScript application.

First of all perform general setup of the project. You need Mercurial, Maven, Java 7 at least and you should be running on a Mac. Then you can execute:

$ hg clone http://source.apidesign.org/hg/html~demo/
$ cd html~demo
$ hg up -C 0ab3f9d7552d
$ mvn clean install -DskipTests

Now you can launch MineSweeper in your iOS emulator:

$ cd minesweeper
$ mvn -Pibrwsr clean install robovm:ipad-sim

The RoboVM compilation may take its time, but at the end you should see MineSweeper running. Then it should be also easy to run the application on iPhone simulator or on real device:

$ mvn -Pibrwsr robovm:iphone-sim
// and the device
$ mvn -Pibrwsr robovm:ios-device

Enjoy DukeScript on iOS and don't forget you can use it on Android via DlvkBrwsr as well, just try:

$ mvn -Pdlvkbrwsr clean install android:deploy android:run -Dandroid.sdk.path=/pathto/android-sdk-macosx/
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