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Paradoxes of API Design is a title of one of the chapters of the Practical API Design book by Jaroslav Tulach. However the title is so strong, that it could even be used as a short summary of the whole area of API design.

When I got a chance to talk at Johannes Kepler University in Linz on Dec 17, 2009 about my favorite topic of API design, I needed to compress my API design knowledge (of at least 400 pages) into 60 minutes. To do so I decided to concentrate on paradoxes. At the end it is exactly the paradoxial things that attract human attention. Check the following video to learn how much attention you are able to pay to API design:

In case you find the discussed topics interesting, consider purchasing the Practical API Design book, get the slides, see the high resolution version of this video. In case you speak Czech, you may be interested in hearing my Ostrava JUG Mar 2nd, 2011 presentation on the same topic. The interest in this presentation grows, I gave yet another one on May 10, 2011 at GeeCON in Krakow. Finally I managed to talk about paradoxes at JavaOne. I guess now I should invent new topic to talk about or at least turn the presentation into a book.

You can also get the sources to play with the factorial sample by yourself:

Code from Arithmetica.java:
See the whole file.

public int sumRange(int from, int to) {
    return (from + to) * (Math.abs(to - from) + 1) / 2;
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