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Linux is name for a popular operating system built around the Linux kernel. There are many Linux distributions (Fedora, Mandriva, Ubuntu, Gentoo), but all of them deliver software built into packages with mutual dependencies and proper versioning.

Stripped down version of NetBeans IDE is available as packages in Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Gento and maybe other distributions. Some of these packages used to be maintained by Sun, some by community. However it is not that common an upstream project (like NetBeans) deals with this kind of packaging itself. Usually some real user of the actual Linux distribution shall care. Why? Because only real users of the distribution can properly integrate the application into the distribution. For example, while I using Mandriva, I was packaging NetBeans for Mandriva myself.

However I don't use Mandriva anymore, so I am looking for a new maintainer. Also my colleagues who maintained packages for Ubuntu and Fedora decided to give up as well. It is a shame, but as said earlier, real users of the distributions shall care. Do you care? If you use some Linux distribution and you want to package NetBeans IDE for it, sign for it here!


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