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Good Name is essential aspect of most of good technologies. It is logical, as the name is often the first thing your (potential) users are confronted with. And first impression is important, isn't it?

Also Good Name becomes a technology's handle. It is the thing people associate your technology with. If widely known, just like names of design patterns, then it is enough to say that name and whole, even complex concepts, are described at once. Good Names are important.

In one section of TheAPIBook's epilogue I was searching for a Good Name for the API Design Methodology advocated on this site. I played with various combinations of words like highly, effective, structured, rational, etc. When doing that I was inspired by following sketches where John Bird and John Fortune explain Good Name importance:

...wait for 5:50+ to hear about High-Grade Structured Credit Strategies Enhanced Leverage name and its importance... hear the quote I'd buy anything, if it enhanced... or get more, if 529s is not enough...

At the end I decided to use other Good Name, but I cannot resist to confess what motivated that one paragraph. I still find the combination of highly, effective, rational, unified and similar terms very amusing. Especially as I own few shares of an investment fond with such Good Name and very poor performance.

Good Names are important. What name would you give to API Design methodology after reading TheAPIBook? Same as did I? Different?


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