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Whenever one is bringing two systems together, it is good to have a common ground. We had one when we sneaked NetBeans under JDeveloper (read it here). Now we have DukeScript - the lingua franca between TeaVM, Bck2Brwsr VM, DlvkBrwsr, and more.

There was a NetBeans Day Conference at Munich on Mar 31, 2016. Thomas demonstrated how easy it is to embed OracleJET into existing Swing/JavaFX application via JavaFX WebView - at that moment I hurried up to the stage and showed that DukeScript core has support for that as well and that it has so many benefits that it is clear everybody should be using the JavaScriptBody annotation all the time. However Thomas hasn't got my message - later in a pub I realized why: because when talking about DukeScript I implicitly assume people understand that it is the common ground for integration between Java and JavaScript. They don't. But they should as I am going to explain now...

Porting JavaFX to iOS

In 2013 I was working with the Prague team responsible for porting JavaFX to iOS. Of course, for that one needs to have a [JVM]] and yes, there was one we had access to: These days its code is sourced as a OpenJDK subproject. My employer seemed committed to the JDK, but just in headless mode (remember the profiles of JDK8 being really hot at that time and btw. they are still the most coolest thing about JDK8 in my opinion). However my employer's attitude towards UI hasn't been that clear. While the Prague team was working hard on JavaFX port, the performance wasn't all that great. At that moment I stepped in and and offered lightweight JavaFX.


The Java/JavaScript Bridge

Which one?

Lightweight Protocol

JavaScriptBody and callbacks.

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