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Why I need this

I design a simple ontology based knowledge management system. I think I'll make good use of LiveDB.

How to get LiveDB sample work

Also I may learn in the meantime :)

I use NetBeans Development build to try this (I get the sources with hg, i do `hg fetch` then `ant update` daily) I run NB from nbbbuild with `ant tryme`

Before testing I created JavaDB database, with APP database schema AGE table and two coulumns AGE,NAME in it also I changed the jdbc URL to point my database and added derbyclient.jar as a library

I have the `nbbuild/testuserdir/var/index/cache` directory empty

scenario 1

  1. Start NetBeans with `ant tryme`
  2. >NB opens LiveDB project
  3. !I have 2 Symbol not found errors (this is OK)
  4. I build LiveDB project
  5. I connect to my database scheme in Window>Services>Databases>JavaDB>
  6. I compile Test package `org.apidesign.livedb.example`
  7. ! `List<Age>` is showing Cannot find Symbol
  8. I Test LiveDB project
  9. >Test runs without error
  10. ! Still have Cannot find Symbol in `List<Age>`
  11. I Scan for External changes

Scenario 2

  1. I: delete directory: nbbuild/var/cache/index
  2. I: Start NetBeans with `ant tryme`
  3. NB: opens LiveDB project
  4. NB:scanning projects
  5. NB: indexing project files
  6. I:clean livedb project
  7. NB: cannot find symbol Age (3 times: List<Age>, Age.query(),Age age)
  8. I:connect JavaDB through jdbc

  1. Clean and build livedb project
  2. Compile file Test Packages/org.apidesign.livedb.example.package-info.java

Here is the IDE Log I got:

INFO [org.apidesign.livedb.impl.LiveDBProcessor]:  
method process started 
        roundEnv:[errorRaised=false, rootElements=[org.apidesign.livedb.example], processingOver=false]
FINE [org.apidesign.livedb.impl.LiveDBProcessor]: clsName:org.apidesign.livedb.example.Age md.getColumnCount():2
FINE [org.apidesign.livedb.impl.LiveDBProcessor]: columnName (1):ID
FINE [org.apidesign.livedb.impl.LiveDBProcessor]: columnName (2):NAME
INFO [org.apidesign.livedb.impl.LiveDBProcessor]: method process finished
INFO [org.apidesign.livedb.impl.LiveDBProcessor]:  
method process started 
        roundEnv:[errorRaised=false, rootElements=[org.apidesign.livedb.example.Age], processingOver=false]
INFO [org.apidesign.livedb.impl.LiveDBProcessor]: method process finished
INFO [org.apidesign.livedb.impl.LiveDBProcessor]:  
method process started 
        roundEnv:[errorRaised=false, rootElements=[], processingOver=true]
INFO [org.apidesign.livedb.impl.LiveDBProcessor]: method process finished

But still I get cannot find symbol org.apidesign.livedb.example.Age Jan Lahoda is working on this: [Support Annotation Processors in Java Editor] Also he provided a module to Support AnnotationProcessors in 6.9 I'm testing it now how it works. see [Pelmel]

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