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I would say that DCI is much close to the actual idea of MVC compared to what was implemented by Swing/AWT. Besides, where is the promised framework for GUI development? I believe the person Sun hired some time ago for leading this project (after ten years of ignoring the need to provide such) left Sun for better opportunitues. Additionally to the previous note, the slides from Geertjan have the same coomon issue with interpreting Swing/AWT implementation as the one that follows the MVC pattern, but this implementation like the one in Smalltalk-80 is far from what was the idea of the MVC.

Hello unnamed! You seem to have some issues with Swing and that is definitely where I cannot help you much. I am also not going to help you finding person to improve its design.

As far as MVC goes, Swing is more MVP than MVC (obviously, as it is GUI framework).

--JaroslavTulach 14:43, 4 November 2009 (UTC)

Sorry, I forgot my login. Because of that I'll go under the 'unnamed' tag: Text moved to Talk:MVC.

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