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The world has changed since I published the Practical API Design book. As Java was the most used programming language at that time it made absolute sense to provide the API examples in Java. But since then the world become different. The JVM ecosystem now supports variety of other languages - be it Scala or Kotlin. Moreover a completely new tree of dynamic languages (JavaScript, Python) has meanwhile flowered into at first sight independent ecosystem of its own. Do the API design advises still apply?

They (mostly) do. However rather than showing how to apply them to each different language one by one, let's try something more advanced. Let's design a single PolyglotAPI that works for all of them!

This session will show how to take an existing Java API and add polyglot flavor to it. We show how to use that new polyglot API from JavaScript, Python, etc. We demonstrate how (surprisingly) fast and efficient such execution can be.

If you have your own object oriented database or just pile of BigData to process efficiently by any programming language, stop by. We'll show you how to process such data fast!

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