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Long time before GraalVM started to seek integration with notebooks like Zepelin or jupyter, we had a visual REPL.

Visual REPL with Charts

The GraalVM (version 0.9 and newer) comes with command line REPL. However in today's modern era nobody wants a CLI right? Everyone wants nice graphs! Luckily there is visual REPL written by me with the help of DukeScript. Try it as:

$ hg clone http://source.apidesign.org/hg/truffledebugdemo repl+charts
$ cd repl+charts/
$ hg up -C Charts
$ JAVA_HOME=~/bin/graalvm mvn install exec:exec

The JAVA_HOME has to point to your downloaded version of GraalVM (version 0.9 at least). But then we can have visualization from any Truffle language, for example JavaScript array:

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