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Parallel Inventions are common. When there is a time for some idea, you can bet there will be more people thinking about it and trying to realize it.

Before starting my Bck2Brwsr project I did some research and found out few attempts to implement Java in JavaScript (of course I knew about GWT before). There were some, but none of them showed signs of being actively developed. Recently I checked again and Doppio (see http://int3.github.io/doppio/about.html) made quite a big leap forward during last six months.

The approaches of Bck2Brwsr and Doppio are different. It seems to me Doppio would like to execute existing Java code unchanged. On the other hand Bck2Brwsr tries to seek for a common (and effective) ground which could be shared between Java in HotSpot and in a browser.

My raw guess is that Bck2Brwsr will be efficient in executing code it can execute, but when it comes to parallelism and synchronization Doppio will take a lead. Each technology will likely be more suitable for different goals. Still, there may be areas for possible synergy. Here is my wish:

I'd like to see my Twitter client running on Doppio

All that is needed is the provide Doppio specific binding for JSON4Brwsr SPI. Anyway willing to try?

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