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I have to mention that I've been pointed to another review of the Practical API Design book. Very nice read, I was pleased to hear the book was useful. But then, I got to the comments section. Well, that did not feel pleasant anymore. For a while I was searching for a rope and a tree to hung and lynch myself.

However after thinking about it for a bit more, I believe that I do not need to persecute myself for writing the book. I knew the book is not complete, I knew its selection of topics is subjective and related to my own experience (hence the word Practical in the title), yet the book is still more useful out than kept just in my head and notes.

Update from March 7, 2009:

and really do want the next "Principia". It should have been the
next "Design Patterns" book, something to really love. So admittedly
I had too high of an expectation.

The later comments made me feel a bit better and the one quoted above reminded me of a story related to the book's publication. My publisher's favorite title of the book was Definitive Guide to API Design. It took me quite a lot arguing and I even needed to meet Apress boss, Dominic, to change their mind. My book can be attributed with various adjectives, but it is not definitive at all. Take this note to correct your expectations. Don't expect definitive answers to everything related to API design. Expect that your horizons in the API world will be enlarged and many things will be more clearly recognizable. But many questions will remain.

I have to repeat the theme of the epilogue: The exploration of the API world is just starting. If you have something to say about API design and you are not afraid to contribute to a wiki, feel free to join the wiki.apidesign.org. If you have ideas about various APITypes or APIDesignPatterns or related topics don't let them be buried in Blogs, put them into wiki - wikis are like stars, they are forever. Almost.

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