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Dear fans of Felix, Equinox and NetBeans.

Recently we faced a little bit of instability. First of all we did significant refactorings of the OSGi and NetBeans integration code. We wanted to polish the integration with NetBeans Runtime Container and abstract away any dependencies on individual OSGi containers. We are done and right now everything seems to be stable. See the family of Netigso related build jobs at our hudson builder. The other reason for instability was crash of my Internet connection. This is fixed now as well. You can connect the the builder again.

There is more good news. First of all the Netigso project has become part of NetBeans and will be available in 6.9M1 (thus I disabled the special Netigso job on my own builder, it is no longer necessary).

Second, I have improved the Netbinox IDE. It is now more stable (especially the equinox integration) and also includes brand new splash screen.

Enjoy! Test. Report bugs.

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