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Entering the Blogosphere

The publication date for my book is getting closer and closer and to my surprise I am beggining to find out that the work is not over! Quite the opposite is true. I need to do more things now, then I had to during the last month.

Just instead of proof reading the latest versions of book's chapters sent to me by my publisher, I need to create some reasonable online appearance. I've decided to publish the Sources for all the example, polish them to a reasonable state, create a wiki site to allow cooperation between people all around the world interested in API Design and also start a blog.

I am new to the blogosphere and I only envision the rules of proper blog publishing. I doubt I'll be able to publish as often as GeertjanWielenga, one of my beloved editors, however I'll do my best to add at least one note per week. From my current viewpoint a week looks like a reasonable compromise between the needed time to find at least one interesting event in the API design world and between finding enough time to write that note.

Enough for now, I need to finish the blogging infrastructure. And, unless you have done so by now, do not forget to preorder the API book...

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