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Adventures with PHP and MediaWiki

During the last week, I was slightly playing with various enhancements to the content of the API Design wiki. I've added support for reCAPTCHA. Now every not registered user needs to prove being human before submitting any edits. This is not intended to repel you, dear contributors. This is here to remind me to log in before making changes and not do my edits as anonymous user...

Another thing to report is related to syntax highlighting. I want this site to contain a lot of code samples and, to be honest, coding directly in wiki is a bit error prone. That is why I've decided to extract the code snippets directly from real sources. These are built daily and guaranteed to be at least compilable. I took the MediaWiki GeSHi extension and modified it to embed these snippets into the wiki pages using

<source lang="java" snippet="name.of.the.snippet"/>

just like I did in the APIDesignPatterns:ResponseReply one. I have not released the source of my modifications anywhere yet (btw. I've faced PHP for the first time and with a little help of the PHP support in NetBeans 6.5 I consider that encounter relatively nice experience), but I have no problem to share them. If are interested, just talk to me.

--JaroslavTulach 21:14, 6 July 2008 (UTC)

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