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How can Agile and lean
software development methodologies like SCRUM, XP and Kanban help a project
team involved in the design and development of API frameworks?

The question is whether agile methodologies help design and development of API frameworks... or whether properly modularizing an application and splitting it into many libraries with APIs simplifies the use of agile methodologies? Both are probably true.

There are several sound rules in the world of API design. For example, you need to be aware at the outset that the first version of your API is not going to be perfect. Also, you need to envision who your users are. Two other basic principles are that unit test coverage is almost a must and that you should always design your API in such a way that it is ready to be evolved further.

Many of these pieces of advice are close to being the governing rules of agile methodologies as well. As such, I think that proper API design and agile methodologies can only strengthen each other.

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