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It is unbelievable! We are approaching task4 of APIFest08 and we still have eight participants who play with us! Moreover the competition is still not decided, as far as I can tell. Today I spent few hours looking for BackwardCompatibility problems in provided solutions and I still have not managed to break three of them! It is not that surprising as some of the competitors follow advices of TheAPIBook. For example I've seen APIDesignPatterns:ResponseReply being used. Guys, how can I find a quest for you if you know all the good tricks? Anyway this means we have to go on, as I have only two books to give to winners!

That is why let me ask call round4: Please integrate with dates. Keep history of conversions, allow queries in historical data, etc. Please see Task4Test.java with the actual quests.

Locate your solution among existing task4 directory. There shall already be Task4Test.java file along your Task1Test.java, Task2Test.java and Task3Test.java. Enhance your API, show its usage in the Task4Test.java. Remove the conditional if failing statements.

After you are done, please generate a diff. The best way is to use Mercurial:

# create the repository
hg clone http://source.apidesign.org/hg/apifest08/
# or update it
hg pull; hg update
# then do your modifications
# ...
# do not forget to add newly created files
hg add task4/solutionXY
# and finally produce a diff
hg diff

you can obtain the diff in other ways, potentially you can send us to our mailing list the whole ZIP file, but diffs are preferred.

Please submit your solutions by Thu, Oct 16, 2008, morning of CET. I guess this is the last coding round. On Saturday you will start hacking solutions provided by others!

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