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The task3 of APIFest08 is here to tease you more, dear participants. Btw. great work on the previous tasks! It is really hard for me to come up with a task that will be unimplementable for you. I guess you all defend BackwardCompatibility of your solutions pretty well.

Let see what will happen during the round3. I have prepared the Task3Test.java for you. Please enhance your API to allow your API users to write online convertor that updates its exchange rates all the time. Please find the details of your quest inside of the Task3Test.java file.

Locate your solution among existing task3 directory. There shall already be Task3Test.java file along your Task1Test.java and Task2Test.java. Enhance your API, show its usage in the Task3Test.java.

After you are done, please generate a diff. The best way is to use Mercurial:

# create the repository
hg clone http://source.apidesign.org/hg/apifest08/
# or update it
hg pull; hg update
# then do your modifications
# ...
# do not forget to add newly created files
hg add task3/solutionXY
# and finally produce a diff
hg diff

you can obtain the diff in other ways, potentially you can send us to our mailing list the whole ZIP file, but diffs are preferred.

Please submit your solutions by Fri, Oct 10, 2008, morning of CET, so we can process your submission before weekend and think about more sophisticated ways to tease you. Good luck!

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