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Thanks you all, dear twelve brave men for participating in APIFest08! I was really glad to see your submissions after the task 1. I really like the variety between your individual solutions.

However, I also have to apologize. I did try, to correctly specify the task 1 goals, however, looking at some of your solutions, I failed. Some of your APIs do not satisfy all the use cases that I had in my mind. That is my fault, I should have expressed myself clearly. Anyway it puts us into bad situation. Now you are not at the same starting position for the real APIFest08 game. That is why I have to, like a starter seeing a problem before 100m run, call off the ready state, and ask you to prepare once more. That is why I am calling round one and half. Please adjust your your solution according to additional tasks, described in Task1Test.java. There is proper description of the behaviour of the factory methods and two more tests. Please implement this in your solutions.

Please do it by Tue, Sep 30, 2008, noon. You do not need to retain any backward compatibility yet, however restrain yourself from doing too big changes to your APIs, they are all good, just satisfy the additional use cases, please.

Please accept my apology, and good luck!

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