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James Borowski on 100th Monkey principle:

Found reading some stuff on your site really interesting. I have not finished reading yet, so, forgive me if you already know this, but I was reading the article DiamondsVsStars and wondered as I read your comments regarding the "something in the air" as people around the world all discover something at the same time, if you were aware of the 100th Monkey principle?

There are different versions of the tale, but essentially, there was an island with a load of monkeys that learnt a trait one at a time of how to knock nuts with a rock to get inside them (other versions of the story are about learning to wash them, but the principle is the same). It took a while for monkeys to copy each other, one at a time, and the speed of uptake was essentially linear and at a fixed rate until they reached the 100th Monkey. At this point, every monkey on the island, and every monkey on the three neighbouring islands all started the same trait, almost instantly. The point is: A species appears to be connected at some vibrational level to the extent that they share certain thought processes/notions. There is a tipping point (apparently this is the square route of 1% of the population pool / or 100 monkeys ) where once reached, this information is availiable to all. Almost as if an entire species are listening on the same multicast address.

Anyway, hope you find as interesting as I found your stuff. For more info see 100th Monkey at wikipedia.

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