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I created this website when the Practical API Design book (describing all the design mistakes I did when designing NetBeans) was published to be a source of latest on-line news from the world of API Design. I still publish my observations about APIDesignPatterns or various APITypes, but I am also trying to cover other projects of mine like Bck2Brwsr or DukeScript. Here is the overview of most recent topics that I blogged about:

Anyway I'll be thankful if you decide to read the Practical API Design book. Here is few reasons why to do it: Have You Ever Wondered?


There are people who found Practical API Design too philosophical. For those, I've decided to follow steps of previous misunderstood philosophers and released shorter summary: 20 API Paradoxes (for dummies). In this book I concentrated on the most critical question: What is the difference between classical day-to-day programming and designing a framework? In the past I'd collected at least twenty of such differences, and because they are a bit surprising, I call them paradoxes. In case you prefer just the final advice, and don't care that much about the journey (e.g. philosophy), consider 20 API Paradoxes.

Soon after publishing Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, Kant realized that nobody is able to read it all and he released his Prolegomena to summarize and re-explain in more understandable style the thoughts of his Critique. I'd like my Paradoxes to do the same to TheAPIBook with the hope to attract wider audience to the topic of API design and convince part of them that it is worth to buy TheAPIBook.


The book is now available for download at Amazon US and mirror sites, including Amazon GB. Those who prefer other formats and readers than kindle may take a look at Barnes & Noble site.

The presentation has been delivered many times. Here is a recording of 20 API Paradoxes at JDD Krakow.

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