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For years I seem to have troubles adopting proper Gradle's way of life as my Gradle post reveals in deep details. There are various reasons and every detail then counts. One can get quite sensitive even when seeing the gradlew, gradlew.bat scripts and a JAR file called gradle-wrapper.jar in many project repositories. Binaries in a Git! Is that supposed to be a proper design?

However, in the context of APIDesign and particularly the PropertyFiles discussion, it is necessary to admit that using Gradle wrapper is a solid solution to address the (relatively frequent) incompatibilities between Gradle versions! The PropertyFiles essay concludes that When you design an API based on files (like build.gradle & co.), don't forget to include a version identifier in it. Only then your API becomes ready for evolution!

By including gradle-wrapper.properties in each project and specifying the right version of Gradle to use one follows the best practice advocated by TheAPIBook. Let's make the conclusion clear: If you want to be sure your Gradle projects build in a year or two (when the coolness attitude forces the majority to switch to new version of Gradle), then always use the GradleWrapper and exactly specify the Gradle version!

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