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Future press release for Release in Oct 2018 - I am afraid we haven't made it...

OracleLabs is proud to announce the immediate availability of Graal Studio - the ultimate multi language development environment. The Studio is a visual extension of the revolutionary and award winning Graal Virtual Machine runtime. The tied integration between the Graal Studio and the GraalVM allows any developer to easily create applications in a wide mix of languages, while achieving close to native code performance. Producing high performing polyglot applications has never been easier!


Say no to runtime/language coupling!

Many industry standard systems are tightly bound to a particular language. However the polyglot support of Graal Studio breaks this coupling. Use node.js runtime and spice it with Java, R language, Ruby. Use Ruby on Rails for a frontend interface, but directly include and call algorithm from R, JavaScript or Java libraries. Graal studio gives you support for industry standard runtimes without being tied to their language.

Polyglot Tooling

GraalPolyglotStudio makes writing polyglot systems easy, but the Studio gives you more. When it comes to debugging, the Studio shines. Put a breakpoint into Java, JavaScript, Ruby or R. Create watches for objects coming from any language. Easily step through language boundaries and inspect stack of intermixed calls among all the languages. The same applies to profiling. The performance data are gathered through out the whole runtime and know no language boundaries. Say the same about code coverage - of course it works across all the languages. Thanks to GraalPolyglotStudio the whole and complex polyglot application is visualized as a single coherent system giving you absolute insight into runtime characteristics regardless of from which language the data are collected from.

High Level vs. Detailed Views

Not only you can freely mix languages, but GraalPolyglotStudio gives you a chance to zoom-in and look at your code on various level of details. On one side you see the source code in a high level programming language, on the other side of the spectrum you can inspect the assembly code that is actually used to run your application. GraalPolyglotStudio provides tools to let you easily navigate through various compiler stages and help you understand how certain coding patterns get optimized to run on bare hardware. This ideal visualizer gives you insight incomparable to tools available for regular language implementations and best of all: it works across all languages!

Dynamic Editing Capabilities

The same information is also used by GraalPolyglotStudio editor to enhance your coding experience. The GraalVM runtime constantly gathers information about running programs. As your application or tests are executed and optimized, the information about inferred types, performance, code coverage is instantly transferred back to GraalPolyglotStudio and its editor to provide accurate code completion, structural view and hints offering ways to increase performance incomparable to anything static analysis could provide. In GraalPolyglotStudio editor you write static code, but the editor gives dynamic advises fully reflecting the runtime state of your application.

Polyglot Editing Experience

GraalPolyglotStudio gives you incomparable polyglot editing capabilities. Editing experience is fully multi-language oriented: not only one can edit source files written in all those polyglot languages, but one can mix the languages inside of a single file. JavaScript inside of HTML generated by a Python or Ruby. All the editing capabilities are available. GraalPolyglotStudio gives you polyglot features on steroids: multiple languages mixed as freely as needed.

Embrace Polyglot!

Graal Polyglot Studio is here to help you enter the world of effective polyglot programming. It is just a few clicks away: download the installer, click through the installation wizard and let the Studio guide you to create the most performant polyglot systems ever seen. With G. P. S you'll never get lost in your languages!

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