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GeeCON has expanded to Prague and on Oct 19, 2016 I had the pleasure to do an initial keynote talk. Dear GeeCON thanks a lot for such a wonderful experience.

Here is a picture taken just before my keynote started. I remember the moment as I was sitting just next to the photograph on left.

I talked about Graal and Truffle and I believe my talk was influential - certainly the next day talk about internals of Truffle by OracleLabs's Jan and Jakub was well attended as well.

It is so comfortable when a conference like GeeCON moves to the town where one lives! Enough to jump on metro and in thirty minutes I can be at the venue. Looking forward to next GeeCON.

GeeCON Prague 2017

I prepared a talk called JavaScript for Java Developers. Available on youtube or embedded:

The list of all Prague 2017 talks maybe of some interest as well. I repeated the same presentation in GeeCON Krakow in May 2018.

GeeCON Prague 2018

I had to prepare something new, so I came up with the idea to compare Go language and GraalVM NativeImage Java in a talk Forget Go. Go, Java, go!. Initial reactions aren't bad.

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