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DEW is an acronym for Development Environment for Web - a development environment for Java programming language that runs entirely in a browser (using the Bck2Brwsr VM). Some friends call it TulachMoreDEW (partly as a tribute to the famous whiskey brand and partly as a reference to my last name).


What is a Dew?

Dew is a small source sample composed of a single HTML and single Java source file. Dew is a system that allows you to show how easy it is to write web pages in HTML and animate them in Java. Dew is your ultimate fiddle environment that gives you an easy way to fork existing snippets and show your own creativity.

Visit http://dew.apidesign.org/dew to feel it!

Contribute a Dew!

  • Go to the DEW's website
  • Wait a while for the Javac to boot up
  • Select a sample
  • Wait till Javac compiles it
  • Press the Run button
  • Fiddle with the source code, Run it again
  • When satisfied Save your code snippet as a GitHub's Gist

Share Your Dew!

When you are ready with your example, you may want to share it with the rest of the world. Nothing is simpler! Just append your gist id to the base URL and everyone on the planet will be able to see (and play with) your work! Some examples follow:

Enjoy and share!

Develop the Environment

The whole code is at github repository and the current development version can be tried at here.

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