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Bck2Brwsr 0.5

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  • Bck2Brwsr 0.5 has better support for MVVC via Knockout.js - see the calculator demo version 0.5
    • Binds String and primitive types
    • Bind array types (exposed as List
    • Basic binding of complex classes
  • Separate module for Maven archetype called org.apidesign.bck2brwsr:bck2brwsr-archetype-html-sample (and thus instructions for getting Bck2BrwsrViaCLI has changed)
  • Improved speed of Bck2Brwsr virtual machine via better control flow
  • Can use Closure compiler to generate more compact code
    • FULL mode: For batch compilation of everything for now (example pom.xml that uses the j2js goal)
    • MINIMAL mode: Strips spaces. Works in dynamic mode (part of the default Maven archetype)
  • One incompatible change: AnnotationProcessor for the @Page annotation no longer capitalizes field names found in the HTML page. This was meaningful when the fields were static constants. Now (when they are plain instance fields) it makes little sense.
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