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A book is unlikely to be written by single person. Even it has just one author, just like TheAPIBook has Jaroslav Tulach, it is always work of a team. This page is my attempt to enumerate those who helped me and provide some story associated with them, so their contribution stands out in the real light.

Geertjan and Patrick

First and foremost I need to thank GeertjanWielenga and PatrickKeegan. I handle English language well enough to survive in English speaking country, to write emails and online documents, however language for book needs more than that. It needs to be poetic and also correct.

Geertjan made this happen. He digged through all of my text and converted it from my basic and sometimes not really correct English to real English ready to entry the pages of real, printed book. This was really essential work. Without it, the book would never be published. Thanks, Geertjan.

Surprisingly, Geertjan was very helpful in one, originally unexpected way: He was perfect for identifying places of the book where the topic become extra ordinary complex and not clearly understandable. As soon as that happened, Geertjan's translation started to loose sense. This was a perfect indication for me that some parts of the text need to be rewritten and polished. Usually I just read the text provided by Geertjan and as soon as the new sentence said complete opposite compared to my original, I knew I was not exact enough and I expressed myself insufficiently. Thanks Geertjan for this kind of help as well.



Clay, Susannah, Ellie, Kylie, Dominic.


After sending the InvitationForReviewers, these guys generously accepted to take a look at the book. Thank you all.

  • family for patience
  • Honzík for telling me to write the book
  • Tim and his cons and pros
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