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SafariOnline now hosts TheAPIBook. No more warez downloads!?

I had a presentation for my colleagues about GraalVM. GraalVM is about speed, but also about APIs. As a consequence some of my colleagues asked, why TheAPIBook isn't available for Oracle at https://my.safaribooksonline.com/ - I didn't know, but was curious to find out as well. I sent a note back in April to Apress. Why my Practical API Design is not being available on Safari? This week I've got an answer:

The reason it had not been available is because at the time the book published, we were not sending regular feeds to Safari. It was also at a time that pre-dates ePUBs being created as a part of our standard workflow (ePUBs are what SafariOnline requires). We had to create an ePUB from the existing PDF version of the eBook.

In short: TheAPIBook is now live on the https://my.safaribooksonline.com/

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