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It is easy to start!

Here is a quick tutorial to get you up to the speed using Netbinox. You can either build the GPL sources of the bridge between NetBeans and Equinox yourself or download the binaries.

Get the bits!

To build from the sources:

  1. hg clone http://source.apidesign.org/hg/netbinox
  2. cd netbinox
  3. ant

This will create a ZIP file in dist directory with Netbinox IDE - e.g. NetBeans platform and IDE ready to empower Equinox. Alternatively you can download the binaries directly from the daily builder.

Warning and TBD: right now download the ZIP from the builder!


Now it is time to start the system. You can do it via ant by running

ant run

or, you can extract the ZIP file and start bin/netbeans. NetBeans IDE optimized for development against Equinox is started.

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