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GraalVM is an enhanced JVM that contains Graal compiler as well as basic set of Truffle based languages (R, JavaScript, Ruby).

Available for download through OTN

Visual REPL with Charts

The GraalVM (version 0.9 and newer) comes with command line REPL. However in today's modern era nobody wants a CLI right? Everyone wants nice graphs! Luckily there is visual REPL written by me with the help of DukeScript. Try it as:

$ hg clone http://source.apidesign.org/hg/truffledebugdemo repl+charts
$ cd repl+charts/
$ hg up -C Charts
$ JAVA_HOME=~/bin/graalvm mvn install exec:exec

The JAVA_HOME has to point to your downloaded version of GraalVM (version 0.9 at least). But then we can have visualization from any Truffle language, for example JavaScript array:

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