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CDI stands for Contexts and Dependency Injection. Referenced implementation is provided by Weld. Used by Helidon - even in NativeImage mode.

Helidon MP implements the MicroProfile specification based on various other standard JavaEE subspecifications including CDI. Getting Weld (the reference CDI specification) running on top of NativeImage is particularly tricky. Not only Weld dynamically scans for various annotations, but it also dynamically emits bytecode for its helper classes during runtime. Solving this required more insight into JavaEE than available among compiler engineers - not that I had it initially, but the close co-operation with Tomáš Langer (the Helidon lead engineer) helped us move forward. Tomáš prepared various trivial CDI sample projects and I was then able to get them running on NativeImage by writing a dedicated WeldFeature. Once the initial road block was gone the Helidon team was able to move forward on their own and get their enhanced Weld running on top of NativeImage.

Helidon 2.0 was released on June 24, 2020. It's MicroProfile edition (including compatible CDI implementation) works with NativeImage.

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