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The Bck2Brwsr project has been updated to work with 2021 technologies:

No more RetroLambda. Instead of RetroLambda there is now an abstract IndyHandler interface with two implementations:

The removal of RetroLambda is a good thing - the system was fragile. It relied on reflection and internal behavior of JDKs. However, replacing it with homemade implementation is a request for regressions - finding and supporting all the corner cases is going to take some time. Thanks to Johan Vos, who managed to compile JavaFX with Bck2Brwsr transpiler and reported quite a few bugs. The likehood Bck2Brwsr 0.50 is going to work is now higher!

The easiest way to report an error is to enhance one of existing test-cases:

Thanks in advance for trying and helping Bck2Brwsr to get better!

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