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In autumn 2016 Oracle announced that it wants to donate NetBeans to Apache foundation. It is January 2017 and we are still donating. Right now there is a review of NetBeans sources in progress. Some repositories are reviewed (for example html4j Mercurial repository) and a branch donation_review has been created there. The process isn't fast, but we are getting in there.

Conversion to Git

Apache is using Git and that means we shall convert our Hg repositories to Git ones. Luckily, this is where the power of community shows! Emilian Bold, long time NetBeans community member, decided to do such conversion. As such we have 1:1 mapping between NetBeans Releases Repository and its Git version. Thanks Emilian! As the review isn't finished yet, and we are still using the Hg repository for daily development - Emilian synchronizes the repositories daily. All seems to work.

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