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Yet Another Design Book?

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Have You Ever Wondered...?

Have you read many books about design? Have you read some? Do you think you know everything about proper design? Are you asking why bother with yet another design book? This prologue shows you that you should care. Most design books are written for "in-house" development, however with the rise of code reuse caused mostly by proliferation of various open source libraries and frameworks, we are entering world of distributed development. The new coding life style needs slightly different designing approach. After reading "prologue", you'll find out that you need TheAPIBook if you want to code software for the 21st century.


The preface also contains a fable about the perception of the world evolved from ancient Greek's over Newton, Einstein to today. The primary motivation to create such metaphor was to explain that one can even change rules over a time, but it is important to do that in a backward compatible way - e.g. in a way that nobody notices that the rules changed. Maybe the physics really changed between 17th and 19th century? Maybe the God was just trying to tease mankind?

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