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OracleLabs organization has a new team in Czech Republic. Since Oct 1, 2015 we can really call it a team, as we are three in Prague (one guy is holding the camera) plus one more collegue working remotely from Brno.

And we are ready to grow! There is a lot of tasks we need to handle before we reach our goal: E.g. to make Truffle and Graal the fastest (J)VM on the planet!

Of course, the previous statement may sound a bit bold, but OracleLabs understands that vision without speculation would be today's reality. We are ready to try new approaches to existing technologies and apply radical innovation in order to push the definition of possible further. OracleLabs is a laboratory, but we are not locked in a scientific world! We are engineers ready to deliver real, working code in a production ready quality. We are ready to co-operate with other groups in Oracle to transfer our technology vision into successful products.

The above picture shows part of OracleLabs team visiting the Park Prague office in summer of 2015. The gang is huge and growing, as we are serious about what we do. We want our Graal compiler to be viable alternative to HotSpot. We want our Ruby, JavaScript, R language implementations to be the fastest ones - and we are not far from that, here is a demo showing the relative speeds of various Ruby implementations:

As can be seen, the speed is not a problem - we know how to be fast! What is bothering us these days is completeness and compliance - we would like anyone using our supported languages to take their program and run it on top of our GraalVM, gain the speed and not observe any compatibility issues. That however requires some work and we need more force to make that happen quickly. That is why OracleLabs Czech is hiring - in case you know a good candidate write to: jaroslav.tulach at oracle.com

We are also seeking collaboration: with universities as well as other groups in Oracle. In case you have a project concerned about speed, ability to mix multiple languages in one system, scalability, etc. feel free to contact us as well, we'll be happy to showcase our system and understand your use-cases. We already have strong collaboration with the tooling group in Prague (responsible for NetBeans IDE and other goodies) and we can show some result - for example a debugger capable to debug four different languages at once:

We believe in our vision. We know it can make software industry better: faster, more connected, language independent, scalable. We know it is not just a distant dream. Most of our projects are available as Open source (for example Graal, Truffle, Ruby, R) and it is easy to verify it's all real! Either build our stuff yourself or track our progress at our official OTN page.

We are here to make your computing experience quick and smooth. Don't hesitate to contact us, or me directly: jaroslav.tulach at oracle.com

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