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OSGiCon 2012 is in Reston, Virginia and Netbinox is here too! How could it be missing, when Netbinox is the Fastest OSGi Container on the Planet! The session was held on Mar 28 @ 14:15 in Reston Suites B.


Stop by to hear the fascinating story of fall, take over, and total despair. Listen to the description of the crucial role OSGi played in the re-birth of the NetBeans team and regaining its self confidence and trust in the future. See in action the result we created along the way and which can proudly be called the fastest OSGi container on the planet!

Podcast & Slides & Screencast

- one of our API Design Tips related to OSGiCon and Netbinox. The slides are available here. Thanks everyone for stopping by and for your patience. Many thanks to Stefan Derdak for lending me his computer. I am glad many of you stayed with me while we were trying to put the slides on. I am glad you were OK with my vocal description of what you could have seen during the demos. However, as picture often explains more than thousand words, here is the demo you should have seen yesterday:

Being in Reston

In spite of knowing almost everything about internals of class loading in Felix and Equinox, I don't know much about the higher layers of the OSGi specification. I guess OSGiCon is the best place to increase my knowledge. Thus I plan to studiously visit OSGi related sessions and tutorials.

In case you want to ask about Netbinox, API design or anything else I might know something about, feel free to do so. I should be easy to recognize - as OSGiCon is co-located to EclipseCon, I don't expect much people wearing NetBeans related logos.

Ask me about Netbinox!

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