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Hello <name>.

My name is Jaroslav Tulach and I am one of the pioneers of the NetBeans project and its principal API designer. I am currently writing a book about API design, covering all my experiences on the NetBeans project, providing many tips and tricks for API designers, and many anecdotes and illustrative code snippets. It will, in effect, be a practical guide for API designers. A book of this kind, modern and up to date, is sorely needed. The book will be unique in its field, in terms of its scope and depth.

I'd like it to be as comprehensive and accurate as possible. That is why I need a set of experts to review its content. Would you, with all your expertise in this area, be so kind as to review it?

The schedule would be:

  • Mar 21 - Apr 3 - Part I, approximately 80 pages
  • Apr 4 - Apr 16 - Part II, approximately 100 pages
  • Apr 17 - Apr 23 - review of the rest, about 100 pages as well

You would receive the text in PDF format. You would return your comments to me in text, in whatever format has your preference, indicating inaccuracies or incompleteness. Potentially any other notes that you might have, on whatever area, could be included too.

In recognition of your hard work, I can promise you a printed and signed version of the book, once it is published, together with a 'thank you' note in the foreword of the book itself.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience whether you want to participate in the review of this book.

Kind regards, Jaroslav Tulach

A mail to be sent to Reviewers

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