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Brendan Eich is the inventor of JavaScript. Here is his quote:

  • I said 'JS is the x86 of the web' a couple of years ago (like at JSConf), but I can't claim it's original.
  • The point is JS is about as low as we can go. But it also has higher-level facilities.

-- Brendan Eich.

I am glad my claim that JavaScript is just another assembly language has such profound supporters! Btw. recently I found a 33rd degree presentation that talks and even demos Bck2Brwsr and my libraries that are now used by DukeScript:

I just have to categorically disagree with the statement that Bck2Brwsr is not mature enough! Thanks to DEW it can run whole Javac (as shown in the demo) how much complete it should be?

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