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Bck2Brwsr 0.4

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0.4 is the first release we managed to upload to java.net Maven repository. Heuréka! See Bck2BrwsrViaCLI for simple three steps towards using this version of Bck2Brwsr.

What you can expect? It works. It is sometimes not fast. It is sometimes broken (what would you expect after four months of development?). Errata:

  • When you create new project and want to use it in NetBeans, you need to update nbactions.xml file to refer to 0.4 version, rather than 0.3-SNAPSHOT.

Here is list of achievements for the 0.4 version:

  • Throwing and catching exceptions by Tomáš Z., finally block by me.
  • Support for converting ByteCode in the browser
  • Speed via register based system - Ľubomír finished first version of his register based rewrite on Dec 14, 2012.
  • Speed benchmark and infrastructure to measure it in various environments - Martin Š.
    • Run with -Dvmtest.brwsrs=firefox,chromium-browser (or any other browsers you want to test)
  • Maven archetype for creating the calculator like demos
  • Int32, Int16, Int8 arithmetics done by Martin Š.
  • API for drawing on the canvas: Thanks Toni! Read about his experience using Bck2Brwsr.
  • More precise int64 support - Martin Š. working on
  • Convertor from GWT's native code to Bck2Brwsr's @JavaScriptBody - is sort of there, but not really functional.
  • Fields of same name in subclasses. Thanks to Bck2BrwsrMangling.
  • Compatibility tests can be written with help of @Compare annotation
  • Basic reflection support (e.g. Bck2Brwsr throws SecurityException when allowed),
    • Done: Class.newInstance() works.
    • Done: Class.getMethods() works (returns only public methods)
    • Done: Annotations of classes and methods
  • Support for MVVC like Knockout.js that binds String and primitive types
  • Packages into a static website via JAR files (which then take long time to inflate)
  • Implements java.util.zip APIs
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