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In September 2015 I decided to update the MineSweeper on AppStore to version 3.0. With a great pleasure I could announce on December 18, 2015 the version was alive! With a great despair I have to announce it is gone. Why?

Well, I am just a researcher. My whole work on the netbeans:Html4Java APIs that later become known as DukeScript was motivated by overcoming challenges:

  • make sure Java can run everywhere
  • make sure Java is more effective than JavaScript
  • ensure such applications can be deployed everywhere
  • return Java Bck2Brwsr

I believe all of my goals were successfully met. The APIs I designed can be executed everywhere including such (Java) hostile environments like modern browsers. The code one has to write with netbeans:Html4Java APIs is on par and sometimes even shorter than its JavaScript version. The fact that my MineSweeper can be executed on Android, iOS, desktop and in a browser is a proof that it can run everywhere.

However Apple wants me to pay $99 to proof that. I paid once when uploading the application for the first time. I paid again the next year to update it, but they want such payment every year! For what!? For me to demonstrate that developers can use netbeans:Html4Java everywhere? I have no benefits from that so far, and I decided to not pay the remedies to Apple this year. The result? The MineSweeper application is no longer available from AppStore.

I am sad. Apple has no cost distributing my application. Still Apple wants me to do a yearly payment. I am giving up. If somebody wants to distribute my MineSweeper, please go on, but I am giving up - giving up on Apple. In May 2016 the ControlsJS guys picked my MineSweeper up, rewrote it to use ControlsJS technology and started to distribute it on AppStore again: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/controls.js-fair-minesweeper/id1110702611

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