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Motto: the easiest way to learn something about a code base is to fix bugs. The easiest way to learn something about design API is to join an APIUsabilityStudy!

There are many reasons why you should care about the Truffle framework (please check the changelog of just released version 0.14 to learn more), but the most important one is related to API Design and your career:

I need API testers! I need to organize a usability study of the Truffle API and I need developers to perform it. How can you help?

We have prepared five easy tasks: use Truffle to invoke a code in Ruby, JavaScript, R, exchange data between Java and one of those languages using Truffle interop, etc. In addition to that we ask you five questions: What did you like/dislike? What should we improve, etc.? Overall, the whole study should be easy and entertaining. You can learn something new (e.g. Truffle) and even earn some money.

Originally I wanted to repeat the previous success of netbeans:Html4JavaUXStudy2014, but the then used service is no longer available due to small demand. Understandable, but a shame! I know the demand for API related courses is low (I do one once a few years), but it is always very valuable to seek an advice when it comes to API - the on-line API usability study was really great idea! Alas, we need to organize it ourselves.

Are you interested to help us? If your want to be an API tester for a few hours, please write to my email practical@apidesign.org and I share more details. Thanks in advance!

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